Edward Do

Software Developer


An experienced software developer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in software development life cycle, C#, ASP.Net, Python, VB, Java, and Microsoft Suite. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) focused in Computer Information Systems from James Madison University.

Completed the Master’s Degree of Science in Digital Forensic and Cyber Investigation in June 2020. I am pursuing a career as a Cyber Security Analyst or working in related fields. I am going to use my skills to determine the cyber threats and risks to the systems, perform forensic on attacked systems, perform testing penetration hacking to audit and give recommendations to enhance system security.


  • 2020


    Master of Science - MS, Cyber Security

    University of Maryland
    University College

  • 2017

    Bachelor of Business Administration - BBA, Computer Information Systems

    James Madison University



  • 2015


    Associate of Arts - AA, Photography and Media

    Northern Virginia Comunity College

Recent Jobs

Oct 2017 – now

Software Developer

• Work on the workflow applications of MEDCHART DoD project
• Work on the tasks for creating new features and enhancing the existing capability of applications to meet client’s requirements
• Build and deliver data analytics needs for the user
• Resolve bugs and improve the performance of applications while complying with the data and network security policies and procedures.
• Perform database administration by writing queries, creating tables, views, jobs, and store procedures using MS SQL Management Studio
• Use C# ASP.Net and Entity Framework to work with data and object classes on MS Visual Studio 2019
• Design web pages User Interface and optimize User Experiment by using JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS
• Apply Agile methodology including Scrum daily stand-up meeting, sprint planning, review, and retrospective every 2 weeks

2019 – 2020

Cyber Security Coursework

• Conduct the system security risk and vulnerability assessment
• Develop the Incident Response Plan and Prepare Business Continuous Plan
• Identify the bad actors and attack vectors
• Use the Chain of Custody form for digital evidence
• Develop the Forensic Investigation Report
• Use Wireshark to analyze the network traffic, FTK Image to analyze the obtained image disk and investigate the collected evidence
• Other tools: Cryptool2 to decipher the encrypted text, Ophcrack to reveal the password, OurSecret to hide/unhide information in other files, create Snort rule to prevent the malicious packets and receive the notifications about the attack


Project Manager

James Madison University

Group Project – Development of Information System

• Lead and collaborate with team to lay the groundwork for the development of the system.
• Assist team members with their work throughout the timeline of the project.
• Create functional IT application that manages employees, inventory, and customers (Java).
• Create POS system to implement transactions and generate business reports (Java).
• Manage and update databases linked to application (Oracle / SQL).
• Design and develop web pages by (HTML5 / CSS / JavaScript).
• Create and manage Linux instance on AWS EC2, deploy a WordPress site with necessary security manners.


  • Software Development: C# ASP.Net, Java, Python

  • Web Design: Javascript, CSS, HTML

  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server, SSMS

  • Cyber Security

  • Lightroom / Photoshop

Social Media